Mediation-The Real Law


MJ Longval is the founder of The Real Law.  His goal is to assist clients in resolving disputes the best way possible; through mediation.  Mediation eliminates the win-loss scenario that exists in litigation, allowing both sides of a dispute to walk away from the situation feeling satisfied with the outcome.

Mr. Longval is an experienced mediator and attorney.  His experience includes the successful resolution of more than 1000 workers’ compensation cases before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Since 2003, his work as a certified mediator has helped disputing parties resolve their conflicts in a non-adversarial environment.  His experience includes facilitating the negotiation and settlement of appointed pretrial North Carolina Superior Court, District Court, and Industrial Commission cases involving personal injury, business, divorce, and workers’ compensation matters.

In addition to his work with clients, Mr. Longval has served as a Faculty Speaker for Sterling Education, from 2010 to present, offering seminars in topics such as Landlord Tenant Disputes, Mediation Preparation, and Conflicts of Interest.  He is a 1988 graduate of the National University School of Law and a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission, the Association of Flight Attendants CWA, AFL-CIO, SAG/AFTRA, and the Associated Actors & Artists of America/ AFL-CIO.