Family Law

Family Law
Mediation is an effective tool for settling family law disputes.  Whether you are faced with issues related to divorce, making important decisions about child custody, or having a difficult time coming to an agreement about the care of an elderly loved one, mediation provides a peaceful means of resolution for disputes in North Carolina.

Families choosing to settle legal disputes with mediation enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced cost of reaching a legal decision
  • Less time wasted away from other responsibilities
  • Focus on communication and the well-being of family members
  • Control over the outcome of the dispute
  • Preservation of important relationships

Choosing North Carolina mediation allows you to put your family above the satisfaction of winning a lawsuit.  The process requires communication and compromise, something that can be a challenge when a relationship is in turmoil.  MJ Longval, a skilled mediator is able to bring disputing parties together and help them discuss an issue and its potential resolutions.  He encourages disputing parties to consider unorthodox solutions and craft a settlement that is satisfactory to everyone involved.  Call him at 310-770-5507 today for a consultation.